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Customer Testimonials

We are proud of the various comments and reviews we receive from our customers. Please feel free to contact us with your feedback.

"Thank you"

Thanks Father Christmas. See you Sunday, ho ho ho!!!
Love Rhys

"First Santa trip"

My first visit to Santa, thank you, love from Annabelle

"Wonderful time"

We had a wonderful time. Thank you Santa.
Love from Amber & Oscar

"Great Santa"

What a great Santa. BIG thank you from Billy

"Good value"

Lovely Father Christmas! Good value for money! Thank you and Merry Christmas.

"Lovely setting"

What a lovely setting, Santa was brilliant, very Christmassy

"Best year so far"

Both girls said it was REALLY GOOD! This is our third year here and definitely the best we've been to.


Brilliant - great grotto and fab Father Christmas

"Brilliant 10/10!"

Brilliant, 10 out of 10! Best grotto ever :-)
Isaac & Dominic


A great experience for the kids. We'll definitely come again.

"Best experience"

Botany Bay has been the best Santa experience. We came last year and will come again next year.


Gorgeous setting, great Santa, thank you very much.

"Lovely time"

Lovely time for the children.

"Best by far"

Best experience we have been to by far, very friendly and welcoming.

"Chatty Santa!"

Very pleasant and chatty Father Christmas, thank you.

"Brilliant experience"

Brilliant, a great experience just like last year

"Happy Santa"

A very happy Santa!


I enjoyed seeing Santa, I love chocolate, thank you for my gift.

"Will come again"

Lovely experience, will come again next year


Wonderful experience for all the family

"Fantastic once again"

Fantastic once again, thank you.

"The best"

Lovely grotto and Santa - always the best grotto to visit.


Brilliant Grotto and Father Christmas

"3rd year here"

3rd year coming and it gets better every year, thank you for being a great part of Christmas for our girls.


Just magic!


Fantastic as always, a personal experience.

"Lovely & low key"

Lovely, low key for Darcie only 2, who was bemused! Thank you.

"Loved it"

To Santa, thank you for my presents. I believe in you! Love Alexandra and Charlotte

"Say hi to Rudolf"

Thank you for my present Santa. Looking forward to Christmas, say hi to Rudolf!

"I love you Santa!"

Love from Florrie x

"Visited before"

Thank you so much, its always a lovely experience to come here, we come every year.

"Great team"

Thank you to all of the team. Lovely Santa, hope you have a nice Christmas.


Fantastic - made me cry! Well worth the money, thank you

"Fantastic, amazing & awesome"

The best Santa yet! Thank you for starting a magical Christmas for us xx


A very special and relaxed visit, we all loved it

"Have a good rest!"

Thank you, have a nice rest after Christmas.

"Thank you Santa"

Thank you Santa for seeing us today, we know how busy you are at this time. Love from Lily & Cali xx


Very enjoyable experience, thank you Santa and Merry Christmas!


Very relaxed and enjoyable, Merry Christmas

"Christmas experience"

Thank you, what a lovely Christmas experience.


Brilliant as ever, thanks Santa


Lovely Father Christmas, my girls loved him and we weren't rushed.


Beautiful grotto, wonderful Santa

"Thank you!"

Thank you very much, my kids loved it. A great set up.


Great Father Christmas, children loved him!

"Lovely time"

Lovely time carving pumpkins, thoroughly recommend it!


Fantastic, friendly staff.


what a triumph, all my grandchildren loved it. Well organised, lots of help always a bonus. Thank you.

"Great idea"

Great idea and well organised.


Maisie enjoyed carving her pumpkin.

"Fabulous day"

We had a fabulous day carving and colouring and eating. From Chloe.

"Fabulous "

We loved it here, it was fabulous. From Charlotte.

"Pumpkin Event"

I liked carving the pumpkin at this place and I liked to do the gluing at the table.

"From Pheobe"

We loved carving our pumpkin!

"Happy Halloween!"

We all enjoyed it and so much fun pumpkin carving, thank you! From Georgia.

"From Libby"

I loved cutting the pumpkin.

"So much fun"

So much fun, well done :-)


Everything has been wonderful, from our lunch to the pumpkin event. You have a great team working here. Thank you.

"Good and fabulous"

Good and fabulous event

"Pumpkin Carving"

Excellent pumpkins and entertainment for children. Thank you.

"Fab "

Fabulous Pumpkin carving event, well organised, thank you.

"Lovely and local"

Lovely local garden centre. Will be even better with the cafe!

"Loved it"

Loved the lambs, great little garden centre.

"Children loved it"

Children loved stroking the lambs and Easter activities. Always a pleasure to visit.

"Loved feeding lambs"

We loved to see and feed the lambs. Always greeted by warm friendly people, can't wait until the cafe is open.

"Love it here"

Really love it here, we come every year to the pumpkin carving and came last year to see Father Christmas. There is colouring in for the children to do which they really enjoy.
They also enjoyed feeding the lambs, one jumped over the hay stack and tried to run away!
When the cafe opens we will definitely pop in for some tea and cake with friends.

"Easter "

We had a lovely time and I now want a lamb!

"Lovely visit"

Lovely visit. The kids loved the lambs and cake was nice!

"Brilliant as always"

Brilliant as always. Our son loved feeding the lambs and getting involved in the colouring! Looking forward to the cafe!

"Lovely morning"

Lovely morning with my 2 children feeding the lambs and colouring in. We all enjoyed some delicious cake too.

"Lovely experience"

What a lovely experience. My 3 children loved the lambs, being able to feed and hold them. Wonderful! Friendly staff, will definitely return!
The Dares x

"Kids loved it!"

The kids loved the lambs and I loved the chocolate brownies!

"Easter Lambs"

Our grandchildren loved the lambs, an excellent experience for them to feed them and see them close up. Many thnaks.

"What a fantastic experience"

What a fantastic experience, just perfect for our two girls. Father Christmas - just fabulous, lovely gentle manner. Much better than those commercial grottos. Well done!


"Value for money"

Aghh, how lovely! Children loved it, good value for money. See you next year! x


"What a beautiful room!"

What a beautiful room! My son didn't want to leave once he got in there, even though he was nervous at first. The reindeer were a lovely touch as well. We'll be back next year!


"Wonderful experience"

A wonderful experience for the children. I thought the colouring area was a fantastic idea! Father Christmas was lovely! Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon.


"Grandson loved it"

My grandson really enjoyed his visit to Santa. A lovely pre Christmas experience.


"Funny & friendly Father Christmas"

Father Christmas is funny and friendly, thank you very much Father Christmas! Love Finley & Millie xx


"Friendly Santa"

Ty loved talking to Santa. So nice to see a friendly Santa who took time to talk to him.


"Kids absolutely loved it"

Kids absolutely loved Father Christmas, the grotto and all the cookies and activities. Father Christmas was so lovely and took time to talk and interact with the kids. Really enjoyed it. See you next year! Loved it x


"Another fantastic visit"

Santa is so friendly and so are all the staff. The visit wasn't rushed and Santa had time to chat. Well done! Definitely booking for next year!


"Once again fantastic"

Its our second year coming to see Santa and once again it was fantastic. The staff are great and very friendly. Santa is brilliant, very friendly and didn't scare the kids like other Santas. We'll definitely be here next year. Merry Christmas.


"Friendly staff"

First visit to you - so lovely and very friendly staff. Such a nice grotto and lots of effort. Thank you


"First visit and not disappointed"

Our first visit and what a fantastic, well organised and beautifully decorated grotto. Well done and thank you.


"Second year we've been!"

Another lovely visit to Santa, thank you!


"Really lovely"

Really lovely grotto and fantastic visit to Santa. It was so nice that Santa spent so long talking to the children. We'll be back next year! Thank you!


"Beautiful grotto"

Beautiful grotto, all the staff gave us so much fuss and attention makes you feel very special and not rushed. Grandparents and parents very happy.


"Absolutely brilliant"

Absolutely BRILLIANT. Kids fascinated, so was I. The whole place is beautiful. We like the relaxed atmosphere, pictures to colour etc. See you next year, thanks xx


"Grotto was amazing"

Santa's grotto was amazing, both kids loved it. Beautiful. Thank you!


"Decorated beautifully"

Santa's grotto was beautifully decorated inside! 10/10 and 100%



It was fabulous, we really enjoyed it, can't wait til next year! Staff amazing with children.


"I enjoyed it so much!"

It was fabulous, I enjoyed it loads and want to come every day! Merry Christmas, everyone did well! From Connie and Ben x


"Brilliant visit"

A brilliant visit from Santa. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Merry Christmas from Maddie!


"Thank you so much!"

My son is usually so shy and your Santa was wonderful with him. So happy right now! Staff members are also lovely, will definitely be back! Thanks!


"How lovely!"

Santa's grotto is the best I have ever seen! What a wonderful team of helpers too. Louie had a lovely time. Merry Christmas to you all! x
See you again next year!


"Special "

At a sad time for our family your Santa and his team made our children feel excellent. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas.


"A fantastic experience"

A fantastic experience Santa and his helpers were amazing and very welcoming x


"Unique and personal"

Unique, personal grotto where your child's name is already known by Father Christmas! Always our favourite one each year, beautifully decorated etc.


"Really good!"

Really good Father Christmas, good that they were able to do some activities before and Santa was really friendly to talk to. Thanks.


"Magical Christmas"

Once again the most magical Christmas experience. Father Christmas really made the boys feel special.


"Fantastic Father Christmas"

Fantastic Father Christmas - friendly, chatty and welcoming. Fab set up with colouring and cookies whilst you wait. Teh first time the children haven't cried. Very realistic. Thank you xx


"Merry Christmas"

We had a lovely time seeing Santa this morning, Merry Christmas to all.


"Brilliant time"

Thank you so much! A brilliant experience, the children loved it. Santa was very good. Will definitely be coming next year. Much better than other local places!
Thank you very much.



What a fantastic experience, Santa and his grotto are amazing, well worth the money. Thank you.


"Beautifully decorated grotto"

Lovely grotto that was beautifully decorated. Santa was very friendly and understanding of my shy daughter. Will definitely recommend to my friends. Thank you.


"Friendly and understanding"

Wonderful grotto and very friendly, understanding Santa. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas.



We had a lovely time, our little was mesmerised by Santa. The grotto is really nice. Thank you.
Merry Christmas to all.


"Best experience."

We had a lovely Santa experience. One of the best we have been to. Thank you very much.



Thank you so much, so magical. Phoebe had a lovely time and sang to Santa. Merry Christmas to all.



A magical Santa experience for my twin boys, really lovely and a great idea to have colouring etc to keep them amused.
Merry Christmas


"Personal touch"

The kids thoroughly enjoyed seeing Santa. I thought the personal touch with the names was a special touch. I would definitely recommend this trip to family and friends. Completely forgot we were in a garden centre! Thank you! Merry Christmas all.


"Wonderful, personal experience"

Wonderful grotto, lovely friendly Santa and Frodo the reindeer was a real treat! Great staff, a really magical, personal experience. Thank you.


"Very homely"

Fantastic grotto, very homely! This is their second time visiting Father Christmas here. Made very welcome! Thank you.


"Beautiful "

Beautiful! We really enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere and 'family feel' to the place. Staff were very helpful and friendly making it a really magical experience for our daughter. Thank you.



Fabulous, nice and authentic! Thank you!


"A Lovely Grotto"

A lovely grotto. Very Christmassy. Children had a lovely conversation with Santa and had a great time. Great value for money. Will certainly return again.



We were so impressed with the grotto and all the staff, so friendly. Santa was fantastic!